Gym AfterGlow Travel Kit

Vinyl Travel zippered pouch with 3 separate compartments (one zipper, one snap and one open).  Pouch size: 7.5 in wide by 6 in tall.  These make great bridesmaid gifts, girls week-end gifts and gifts for someone that is going on a trip.  Discounts given on bulk orders of 10 or more.  Contact me for more info
Different picture embellishments available.  Custom orders can be done for example:
Different colors and embellishments/pictures available or suggest one and I will see if I can do it.

The accessories that come with the pouch are:
Lip Balm Pomegranate
Travel Shampoo
Cream (moisturizer)
Compressed/growing Towel
Nail File
Travel Scope
Pocket dental floss
Sanitizer Packet
Disposable toothbrush (pasted)
Bug Repellent
Travel Toothpaste
Nail Polish Remover

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