Handmade products inspired by my Hispanic roots combined with my love for the outdoors and Mother Earth spirituality. I design wearable art with comfort, durability, style, and function in mind for the person that wants distinctive and unique jewelry, accessories and clothing.

Jewelry that draws attention to the wearer because of the materials and designs of the jewelry.  My Jewelry is primarily made from Leather (Cowhide, Elk, Deer, Exotic, Rattlesnake, and Cork), Real Butterfly wings, Porcupine Quills, Real Beetle Wings, horse hair, sterling silver and various real gemstones and pearls.  I am constantly learning and trying new techniques to achieve the looks I want to achieve.  The techniques include metallurgy, macramé, fly tying, stringing, Victorian techniques, various beading techniques and leather work.

The type of clothing pieces I create are from new materials or upcycled clothing (I like to restore 1920-1950 clothing so some of the materials come from these).  I embellish the clothing with various types of lace, leather, cording, trims, beads and material.