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Custom Designed  and Unique Jewelry, Travel and Gym AfterGlow Kits, Clothing, Southwestern themed pottery and plants, and various types of bags and totes. Not just an Online Jewelry Store

Inspired by Nature, Hispanic Roots and the Outdoors.

Wearable Art and Accessories

Latest updates 5-4-2017

  • Mothers Day and Clothing Sale occurring on Etsy.  
  • Beetle and Butterfly wing earrings to be posted on 5/6/2017
  • Bracelets to accommodate Fitness trackers, BellaBeats, Medical Alert charms and bars, other attachments available and custom orders taken.
  • Horse Hair jewelry and Victorian Style Art available.  I will do custom orders especially if you want to provide horse hair from your horse to create something to remember them by.  If you do want to provide the horse hair please contact me first so I can give instructions on harvesting the hair.