Handmade products inspired by my Hispanic roots combined with my love for the outdoors and Mother Earth spirituality. I design wearable art with comfort, durability, style, and function in mind for the person that wants distinctive and unique jewelry, accessories and clothing.  Also available Vintage clothing.

My designs contain various materials like Leather (Cowhide, Elk, Deer, Exotic, Rattlesnake, and Cork), Real Butterfly wings, Porcupine Quills, Real Beetle Wings, horse hair and various gemstones.  I use many different Techniques making the jewelry-metallurgy, macramé, fly tying, stringing, and leatherwork. Knitted slouchy hats.  I also grow and sell Cactus and Succulent arrangements.

Wearable Art and Accessories

Inspired by Nature, Hispanic Roots and the Outdoors.

  • All Vintage Clothing on Sale till 5/18/2018
  • ​​​Custom orders taken for all jewelry.
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  • To purchase an item and see full inventory please follow the ETSY link.  
  • ​​Horse Hair jewelry- Various styles of  bracelets and earrings.  To provide horse hair from your horse please contact me for harvesting recommendations.  ​​
  • See my blog where I describe how I  create my  wearable art and accessories